“Watchout”, is a media processing and control system that enables the real-time display of prepared content with multiple projection setup. As there is no limit in components such as the number of displays, image input, resolution, or brightness, it is possible to apply this technology to almost any environment.

Dataton Watchout technology, which we first used in 2004, was our first experience in multi-display management. Being a loyal user of Dataton Watchout instead of turning to alternative technologies since our first usage, has drawn our way and brought it to the point where we have developed the most professional applications in this field. We shared the experiences we gained in this process with our customers and partners in creative projects, we learned as we shared, and we developed as we learned.

We have focused on “Display Technologies”, which has been our specialty for many years. We have used the Dataton Watchout System in all display devices (Led Display, Projector, LCD Display) in separate or synchronous configurations. Thus, we have provided perfect solutions for our customers by using our expertise in multiple displaying and combining technologies in special projects.

We are also sensitive when making investments in our equipment fleet; in DLP technology we have now reached 4k UHD resolution and 30,000 ANSI lumens brightness level. We made investments and studies on 4k presentation, the transition to the fiber infrastructure, light-engine-pc-button triggers with Dataton Watchout. We have created our Player PC fleet with a new generation Intel i9 processors, RAID 0 fast storages, fully media-based devices that are capable to read 6.2GB image data per second.


While making all our technology initiatives and investments, we never forgot that our work is technology and service-based. All of our display operations teams giving service to the industry are aware of their responsibilities and confident with the limits of their knowledge and experience.

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