Our knowledge, predictions, analyzing techniques, obsession in detail have enabled us to play in the largest projects. While at the same time our experience made us aware of the deficiencies in this field.

Many similar institutions, project offices, and companies have asked us for help and support in their applications. Therefore, with both current technologies and development, as well as support for the institutionalization and standardizing, we are launching Academy Visio-Vox.


Our service support:

It covers topics such as troubleshooting, image calibration, hardware maintenance-cleaning, software control-cleaning-editing, content loading-checking-editing, and practical use training.

Our training support:

Proceeds in two categories: “Sales System Training” and “Image Processing and Management Training”.

Building the list of the hardware-software of the project, making technical drawings, building connection structure, sequence and error detection, practical calibration information, content loading-control-editing, and practical management lessons are covered within the scope of “Sales System Training”.

“Image Processing and Management Training” consists of the following items:

What is Image Process?

Why is it needed?

What are the popular softwares used?

Dataton / Resolume Basic Information:

  • 1. Display
  • 2. Media
  • 3. Timeline
  • 1. Preparation
  • 2. Array – Transition
  • 3. Association and Relations Between Tasks
  • 1. Formats
  • 2. Arrangement
  • 3. Media-Display Layer Orientation
2D Calibration
3D Calibration
Virtual Display
Dome Projection


Visio-Vox Academy will be launched soon.

For detailed information, please send an email to info@visio-vox.com