Image Processing & Management

Multiple image processing and management is a simultaneous working scenario where more than one image source, that is technologically different or identical, works together synchronously. Simultaneous large-scale data sharing and audio-video compatibilities are important factors.

Image processing and management is the service on which we begin to work seriously and give the highest importance. When it is realized that it is not enough to have an organization’s success and having appropriate and quality equipment, that is the moment we get engaged. All of our image operators have sufficient knowledge and experience to make an organization the best way possible.

During the preparation of the organization scenario, our technical team will be your best partners with their experience on:

– Projection Equipments and Technologies,

– Color / image characteristics of equipments and brands,

– LED Display Technologies and taking high-resolution sync problems,

– Resolution and cabling details of the presentation and camera signals to be captured,

We are always ready to share our experiences with the image management during the organization flow and to protect the dynamism of the screen.


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