Year 2012 has started with the wish of sharing our experiences by creative objects with our customers. We have generated maximum brightness and quality with our HD20K-J and Christie Mirage HD20K 3D 3 chip DLP projection devices which are newly added to our project park. With Dreambox, launch of SAMSUNG Galaxy SIII, with COSMO m.i.c.e. Sedventure launch, with AjansF5 the concert of AJDA, opening of MIGROS Beylikdüzü, with Halat organization Turkcell Yeni’den 2012 meetings, with Fashionart ALFABETA fashion show, with Outbox the launch of VISA were one of the main organizations that we have taken place. We had done studies and investments on the subject of technologically full screen (15-25m) presentation and light, motor and PC triggerings with Watchout.

For the photos of these works, you can click on the link of “Video Mapping” and “Watchout Applications” under the main title of“Concept Projects”.